Are you looking for a cool way to make money and reward your kids?

We know that schools, communities, clubs, athletic organizations, etc. are always looking for ways to raise extra money. So we’ve made fundraising easy, fun & profitable!

Triple Tornado!

Your organization will receive 50% of the total Sales!!!    Our Bubble Iced Tea or Our Premium Ice Cream Scoops are the perfect solution to that equation. (Choose from 16 flavors)

Teachers, it's easy! All you need to do is:

a) Take Pre-Orders
b) Submit the pre-count and payment
c) Now relax!  we take care of the rest. We’ll bring the pre-scooped cups, napkins and spoons to your school to make it super easy and super fun.

Contact us today:

For further inquiries, email us at :
      [email protected]